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Welcome to the SuperFeast Podcast! Join tonic herbalist and health educator Mason Taylor as we explore the magical world of Tonic Herbalism. We will explore the relevance of these ancient herbs and medicinal mushrooms in our modern culture of health to invigorate the body, restore organ health, create badass immunity and bring harmony to the hormones. Want to enhance performance, longevity, energy and radiance? Then dive in with us and learn why tonic herbal adaptogens have been used for millennia for this exact intention. So get ready to activate your SuperHuman health as we deliver this deep tonic herbal philosophy right your eardrums.

Dec 14, 2020

SuperFeast is bringing you another epic episode of the Women's Series today as  Tahnee sits down for an insightful conversation with Lily Nichols, registered dietician, nutritionist, accomplished diabetes educator, author, comprehensive researcher, and mother.

Her books Real Food for Gestational Diabetes and Real Food for Pregnancy hone in on evidence-based nutrition for prenatal/pregnancy health and are thoroughly researched assets to the field of maternal wellbeing. Her work stands out for the grounded approach it takes and has not only helped tens of thousands of women manage gestational diabetes but has also influenced nutrition policies internationally. For all women and men currently expecting or thinking about having children in the future, you don't want to miss this episode!

Tahnee and Lily discuss:

-Nutritional research; the benefits to be gained when moving away from a reductionist approach to the observation of traditional cultures who are still thriving.

-Current Dietary guidelines for pregnant women; are they doing more harm than good?

-A micronutrient-forward approach to nourishing the body when pregnant.

-Gestational Diabetes and how to manage it through diet.

-The evolution of prenatal and pregnancy nutrition.

-Blood sugar levels during pregnancy; the subsequent effects they can have on the hormonal system, weight gain, and postpartum period. 

-Different variables that can influence nutritional research and intern misinform people.

-Epigenetics; how our health is determining the genes of the future generation and their risk of disease.

-Gut and microbiome health.

-Carb cravings in the first trimester, why we get them, and why mothers can allow themselves some grace.

-Postpartum thyroid issues, iodine, and other nutrients to support this gland.

All things methylation; methylfolate, folic acid, folinic acid, and looking to the other groups involved in methylation (Vitamin B12, B6, choline, glycine, betaine, riboflavin, copper, and magnesium).

Glycine and the crucial role it plays in all aspects of pregnancy.


Who is Lily Nichols?

Lily Nichols is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, researcher, and author with a passion for evidence-based prenatal nutrition. Drawing from the current scientific literature and the wisdom of traditional cultures, her work is known for being research-focused, thorough, and sensible. Her bestselling book, Real Food For Gestational Diabetes (and online course of the same name), presents a revolutionary, nutrient-dense, lower carb approach for managing gestational diabetes. Her work has not only helped tens of thousands of women manage their gestational diabetes (most without the need for blood sugar-lowering medication) but has also influenced nutrition policies internationally. Her clinical expertise and extensive background in prenatal nutrition have made her a highly sought after consultant and speaker in the field.

Her second book, Real Food For Pregnancy, is an evidence-based book that addresses the gap between conventional prenatal nutrition guidelines and what is optimal for mother and baby. With over 930 citations, this is the most comprehensive text on prenatal nutrition to date.

Lily is also the creator of the popular blog, which, explores a variety of topics related to real food, mindful eating, and pregnancy nutrition. 



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