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Welcome to the SuperFeast Podcast! Join tonic herbalist and health educator Mason Taylor as we explore the magical world of Tonic Herbalism. We will explore the relevance of these ancient herbs and medicinal mushrooms in our modern culture of health to invigorate the body, restore organ health, create badass immunity and bring harmony to the hormones. Want to enhance performance, longevity, energy and radiance? Then dive in with us and learn why tonic herbal adaptogens have been used for millennia for this exact intention. So get ready to activate your SuperHuman health as we deliver this deep tonic herbal philosophy right your eardrums.

Mar 19, 2020

Herbalist and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Jimi Wollumbin is back on the podcast for this special Friday Fireside. After chatting with Jimi a few days ago about the broader, philosophical nature of viruses and their spread, this episode is very specific to the stages and phases of Covid-19 infection/invasion, and how practitioners can be treating this.

This is not meant to be a laid out guide to treatment, simply information to help you stay empowered in your knowing of how this virus is spreading. We keep the conversation in more of a Chinese Medicine realm, so get ready to learn how this virus is seen as an invasion, and how it can be dynamic in the way that it moves through the layers of the body.

We are talking here about treating the body, not the virus. This is a huge difference to modern medicine, and may be useful for you in understanding why it is difficult for practitioners on the front line to give people the exact protocols for treating this.

We get technical at times, but there is lots of practical wisdom that we can be adopting into our knowledge-bank and home to keep us healthy through this, and well into the future.

Who is Jimi Wollumbin ?

Jimi Wollumbin is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Jimi is one of those rare individuals that is an expert in his field that also has the ability to teach others. He has spoken at the United Nations, opened for Deepak Chopra and has even been personally insulted by the Dalai Lama. He teaches integrative doctors across America, sits on the faculty of the America Integrative Health and Medicine Association and is a lifetime member of the Tibetan Medical Institute's 'Friends of Tibetan Medicine'.

After completing his internship in Chinese Medicine in TCM in Beijing hospital he has since completed 3 research exchanges at Ayurvedic hospitals in India, 2 with the Lama-physicians at the Tibetan Medical Institute, 1 with the Persian Hakims of the Unani Tibb Hippocratic tradition, 2 at the Trad-Med Department of the Mongolian National University in Ulaan Bataar and a 2019 trip through Siberia to research Shamanic medicine.

Jimi’s original degree at the ANU was in philosophy and eastern religion which is why Dr Seroya Crouch describes him as ‘a philosopher of medicine’. He has written several books, none of which have been published, acclaimed or even read... yet.

Jimi is the CEO and founder of One Health Organisation, a wellness-based charity that has distributed over 10 metric tonnes of herbs and supplements to 100 locations across 13 countries since 2005.

Jimi brings passion and enthusiastic hand gestures to every conversation he is a part of.

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